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International Cancer Research Conference

March 24-26, 2025 | Singapore

March 24 -26, 2025 | Singapore

Cancer And Its Relevance With Other Diseases

Cancer And Its Relevance With Other Diseases

Doctors know that their patients may have a variety of health problems in addition to cancer, such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, HIV/AIDS, alopecia areata, and multiple sclerosis. Even though the likelihood of having any of the chronic diseases rises with age, researchers say the association between these diseases and cancer is still there in all age brackets. The observations do not necessarily imply that any of these chronic illnesses cause cancer, but they do demonstrate that cancer and chronic illnesses share numerous risk factors and may be linked. Smoking cigarettes, for example, increases the chance of heart attack and lung cancer, and cholesterol, while it is non carcinogenic, but it can enhance the effects of other carcinogens in the body.


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