HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Singapore or Virtually from your home or work.

International Cancer Research Conference

March 24-26, 2025 | Singapore

March 24 -26, 2025 | Singapore

Cancer Virtual 2020 | July 15-16, 2020

Honorable Speaker for Cancer Virtual 2020 - David T. Bernhardt
Steven M. Donn
Division of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, University of Michigan, USA

Title: Pharmacologic Management of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia: Equipoise in the Era of Evidence

Speaker for  Cancer Conference - Claudio Alberti
Claudio Alberti
GenomSys, Switzerland

Title: Precision Medicine using whole genome sequencing

Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Sergey Suchkov
Sergey Suchkov
Sechenov University, Russia

Title: Personalized and Precision Medicine as a unique healthcare model to be set up via Genomics-based innovations, big data resources and translational applications to secure the human wellness and biosafety

Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Rajiv R. Mohan
Rajiv R. Mohan
University of Missouri, USA

Title: Precision nanomedicine for treating blindness and restoring vision

Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Emine Begum Gencer-Oncul
Emine Begum Gencer-Oncul
Ankara University, Turkey

Title:  Importance of mtDNA mutations in patients with leigh syndrome

Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Ozlem Dilek
Ozlem Dilek
University of the District of Columbia, USA

Title: Design of turn off/on fluorescent probes for imaging carbonylation in cancer

Speaker for Cancer Conferences - George Zachos
George Zachos
University of Crete, Greece

Title:  Bridge-building between chromosomes: Preventing chromatin breakage in cytokinesis

Speaker For Cancer Conferences - Shinya Tajima
Shinya Tajima
St. Marianna University School of Medicine, Japan

Title:  Nuclear inverse polarity papillary lesion without myoepithelial cells in the breast

Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Jing Liu
Jing Liu
Beijing Chaoyang District Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital, China

Title: Lung ultrasound completely replacing of chest X-ray to diagnose neonatal pulmonary diseases: The feasibility and necessity

Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Sewanti Limaye
Sewanti Limaye
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute, India

Title: Multi-Analyte guided treatment in personalized therapy of advanced cancers

Speaker for Cancer Online Conferences - Hai-Hua Chuang
Hai-Hua Chuang
Linkou Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan

Title: Snoring sound features are associated with carotid artery status in patients with obstructive sleep apnea

Speaker for Cancer Online Conferences - Fehmida Najmuddin
Fehmida Najmuddin
D Y Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, India

Title: Pediatric asthma: “Sunshine Vitamin”as an adjuvant therapy

Speaker for Cancer Online Conferences - Ivana Haluskova
Ivana Haluskova
French Immunology Society, France

Title: Cancer and host immunity (microbiome)

Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Miano Salvatora
Miano Salvatora
Tindara University of Florence, Italy

Title: Sunitinib in desmoid tumors

Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Romi Gupta
Romi Gupta
The University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

Title: Large-scale Epigenome-wide Human shRNA screen identifies candidates that confer resistance to BRAF inhibitors

Speaker for Cancer Online Conferences - Wen Jin Wu
Wen Jin Wu
Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA

Title: T-DM1 Resistance and HER2 Heterogenicity

Barbara Hertz

Title: Radioiodiodine- First and gold standard of targeted precision oncology

Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Bojana Turic
Bojana Turic
Landing Medical High Tech Co, China

Title: The artificial intelligence-assisted cytology diagnostic system in large-scale cervical cancer screening: A population based cohort study of 0.7 million women

Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Xubao Zhang
Xubao Zhang
Sonova Unitron, Canada

Title: New technologies of directional microphones for hearing aids

Speaker for Cancer Conferences - Bruce K Kowiatek
Bruce K Kowiatek
Blue Ridge Community and Technical College, USA

Title: Methylating Agents as Rescue Adjunct Therapy to Chemotherapeutic Alkylating Medications for Improved Outcomes in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: A case study

Rasmeh Al Huneiti
Ministry of Public Health, Qatar

Title: Patient-Centered Care: A model to healthcare quality